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About project LIEPA

The project LIEPA – Services controlled by the Lithuanian Speech – is aimed at developing tools which would open the possibilities of working and communicating with computers and smart things using the Lithuanian speech which presents numerous specific problems due to its abundant polysemy of inflection.
The services developed are conducive to fostering pupils’ abilities to use speech technologies, aid adults in various work by talking to computers in Lithuanian, help the disabled, provide people with advice how to correctly pronounce words in Standard Lithuanian, open up possibilities to develop multilanguage interoperability.
The project was implemented resorting to the most advanced information technologies as well as fundamental knowledge of Lithuanian language phonetics, acoustic phonetics, morphology and syntax.
Start of the Project LIEPA: 15 02 2013
End of the Project LIEPA: 14 08 2015
Lead partner
Vilnius university:
Institute of Mathematics and Informatics,
Faculty of Filology
Institute of the Lithuanian Language,
Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences,
Šiauliai University
Project leader Laimutis Telksnys
mob: +370 686 38 121
54°41'41"N 25°15'54"E